CannaKeys360 Demo


Cannakeys360 is a medical literature search engine that presents available studies in unique ways that better support clinicians and researchers than simple PubMed searches.

This video demonstrates their capabilities as presented to the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists membership in March 2022.  ACS members get a 30% discount on their yearly subscription to this service. 

ACS Genetic Testing Symposium


This is the video recording of the symposium produced by the Association of Cannabis Specialists to discuss the state of the art and evidence for human genetic testing to guide medical cannabis therapy.

Risks Associated With Cannabis



On May 21, 2024, ACS was joined by Dr. Eugene Vortsman as he discussed the risks associated with cannabis.

Communicating Cannabis Use Before Surgery



On June 18, 2024, the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists was proud to host the symposium “Communicating Cannabis Use Before Surgery”, featuring Deondra Asike, MD, double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine.  In this symposium, Dr. Asike discusses the risks associated with cannabis use before surgery.