ACS provides multiple resources to help people go from Cannabis 101 to understanding the latest cannabis research.  Our courses provide useful education for the following groups:



Health Care Professionals

With nearly a dozen courses to choose from, and more on the way, we offer health care professionals the opportunity to learn about the comprehensive world of cannabis as medicine.


Cannabis Industry Professionals

We offer a specialized course for budtenders and patient advocates to help those professionals better serve their medical cannabis community.  We also offer courses that explore the many compounds in cannabis and the role they play in cannabis consumption. 


Regulators and Lawmakers

These professionals play a pivotal role in cannabis legislation and regulation in numerous government bodies.  Our mission is to inform the decisions these authorities make with human-based science and expert experience.  Our courses offer both of these, with expert instructors and the science to back it up.




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Bundle: Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Video Course AND Diplomate Exam

Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Video Course

Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Video Course EXAM

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Customer/Patient Service Advocate (Budtender) Training Course

Cannabis in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cannabinoids in Gastroenterology (GI)

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Secondary Compounds in Cannabis Advanced Drug Interactions Minor Cannabinoids: What Do We Really Know?
Terpenes_image.png Dark_side_of_cbd.png Anesthesia.png
Terpenes: The State of the Data The Dark Side of CBD: Conversion to Other Cannabinoids Approach to Cannabis and Anesthesia