Welcome to the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists

Welcome to the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists


On this website, you will find information, resources, and encouragement to get involved, especially if you are a healthcare provider, lawmaker, regulator, cannabis industry professional.  Please use the links below to learn more.




Cannabinoids are some of the most misunderstood products on the market.  Patients deserve advocates for its proper medicinal use.  ACS is dedicated to ensuring science fact supersedes science fiction to bring the public relief through the proper application of cannabinoid treatment.  Proper application includes training health care professionals, continuing medical research, and improving regulations.  This requires a real prescription-based system with associated medicine fulfillment following physician's order and subsidizing medical costs through health insurance.




Prescription vs. Recommendation



  • ACS content is for the cannabis industry, regulators, and lawmakers
  • Content is available in three forms: free to all, members only or on a custom project basis



  • Join us to advocate for allowing cannabis prescriptions and other policy changes
  • A true prescription allows physicians to present cannabis as an alternative solution aligned with their ethical duty



  • As a member, you will be entitled to specific educational content and events
  • Consider membership if you are a healthcare provider, in the cannabis industry, a lawmaker or regulator
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Why ACS?

ACS is an international association of healthcare professionals on the forefront of cannabinoid medicine. Because ACS was founded by physicians, we are uniquely positioned to ensure the highest standards in the practice of cannabis medicine, safeguard patient care with clinical best practices, and interface with other stakeholders in the cannabis community. We are an advocacy organization striving to provide guidance to law makers and regulators at every level of cannabis control.  For all of ACS’ constituents, we provide evidence and experience-based education to support the premise that cannabis should be treated as a medicine and, therefore, patients and related laws and regulations need to be created, modified, and viewed differently than recreational-use laws and regulations.





If you're a patient looking for a trusted and knowledgeable medical cannabinoid specialist, we can help.  Please click here.