Should I become an Ally or a Member?

An ACS Ally is someone who aligns themselves with ACS by signing up for our email list, follows us on social media, and supports the mission of ACS.

A Member of ACS is someone who supports ACS by becoming a paid member (or free student member) and is entitled to many benefits that an Ally may not be.





Newsletters and emails about courses, events, and more Green_check.png Green_check.png
Student Lecture Series and other free public events Green_check.png Green_check.png
Monthly networking events and members-only events Red_X.png Green_check.png

Annual subscription to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research

Red_X.png Green_check.png
Clinical handbooks, video tutorials, and members-only Clinical Reference Library Red_X.png Green_check.png

30% Discount to CannaKey360 products

Red_X.png Green_check.png

20% Discounted pricing to ACS medical cannabis educational courses

Red_X.png Green_check.png


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