Prescribing Members

Prescribing Members shall be any physician (MD/DO), nurse practitioner (NP), physician assistant (PA) who is lawfully permitted and certified to prescribe and/or recommend cannabis as medicine in their jurisdiction.  


Good Standing

Membership in good standing shall mean that a person is currently a member of Association of Cannabinoid Specialists and has fully paid their dues, pledges, donations, and any other fees.  They must not have any outstanding balance.  

Further, to remain in good standing, prescribing members must agree to and abide by the ACS Pledge.  In the case where a member is found to be in violation of any aspect of “membership in good standing” ACS may suspend or revoke their membership immediately and indefinitely.  Such member may appeal to the Board of Directors.  

To adjudicate such appeal, the President shall convene a tribunal comprised of the President and two randomly-selected members of the Board of Directors who shall review all available evidence within 90 days of the appeal.  Said tribunal shall render a decision by vote with 2/3 majority prevailing.