• ACS Response to Oil (Vape) Pen Ban


    The currently posed question of when or whether the embargoed oil cartridges can be released for sale has at least two separate issues embedded. First is the question of the safety of these particular cartridges, and the second is the safety of any such cartridges that use current technology. Both of these questions would reasonably need to be affirmed prior to sales.

  • Prescription Vs. Recommendation


    Since the inception of medical cannabis legalization in California in 1996, physicians have only been able to write a “recommendation”. This was intended, at that time, to keep the practitioners out of trouble with the government by providing only a document stating that the benefits likely outweighed the risks. 

  • ACS – MCRAA Joint Comments on FDA Proposed Research Guidelines


    The Medical Cannabis Research Advocacy Alliance (MCRAA) appreciates the opportunity to provide comments in response to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research Draft Guidance for Industry; Availability 85 FR 44305 (July 22, 2020).

  • ACS Takes Issue with Wall Street Journal Advertisement


    To Whom It May Concern at the Wall Street Journal:

    We write to you to express a concern over a recent ½ page advertisement in the Journal.

  • ACS Letter To ONDCP Director Rahul Gupta


    Dear Dr. Gupta:

    Congratulations on the confirmation as Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. We welcome your leadership as our respective agendas are to improve and serve the health of the American people.

  • ACS and MSNJ Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland


    Dear Attorney General Garland:

    Subsequent to the letter sent to you, and to Secretary Becerra, by Senators Warren and Booker dated October 6, 2021 requesting that you exercise your authority under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA), we write to support their request and to support your pragmatic efforts to do so.

  • ACS and ASA Comments on Senator Schumer’s Cannabis Opportunity and Administration Act


    Dear Majority Leader Schumer, Senators Booker and Wyden:

    The below signed stakeholders are collectively parties that have an interest in or work with medical cannabis. We are committed to ensuring qualified physicians administer sound medical cannabis advice, that patients have access to high-quality, safe cannabis medicines, and that appropriate regulatory oversight is implemented to protect the integrity and value of cannabis medicine.

  • ACS Guidance to CDC on Pain Management


    The Association of Cannabis Specialists would like to offer the following comments on the topic of acute and chronic pain management, per the CDC’s request.

  • Why A Medical Cannabis System Is More Important Than Ever


    Now that recreational cannabis is rolling out in Massachusetts, why do we need a medical cannabis system anymore? The short answer is that patients are different from recreational users and have more complicated, precise needs that recreational sales are incapable of handling.

  • ACS Guidance for Dispensaries


    The ACS believes that cannabis dispensaries play a vital role in providing care and products to patients.  Ideally, dispensaries provide access to high-quality, regulated, and tested cannabis in appropriate forms and for use in appropriate routes of administration to meet patients’ medical needs.