Jordan Tishler, MD


Jordan Tishler, MD


Dr. Tishler is a Cannabinoid Specialist.  He is working to increase the standard of care for patients and the level of education of his colleagues based on data and best practices.  He is the Founder and President of the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists which aims to educate clinicians, lawmakers, and the industry about best practices and needed tools for proper patient care.

Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, trained in Internal Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and is faculty at both the Mass General Brigham and Harvard Medical School.  He has spent many years as an Emergency Physician providing care to the underserved in East Boston and at the Veteran’s Administration. Having treated countless patients harmed by alcohol and drugs, his observation that he had never seen a cannabis overdose led Dr. Tishler to delve deeply into the science of cannabinoids’ safety and treatment.

Dr. Tishler is a national/international Keynote speaker and author on a variety of topics related to the medical applications of cannabinoids, including cannabinoid dosing paradigms, use of cannabinoids for pain management and opioid sparing, cannabinoids for behavioral health, and approaches to treatment of human sexual dysfunction using cannabinoids.  He has numerous scientific and lay publications, has developed ongoing CME educational programs through both Association of Cannabinoid Specialists, Harvard Medical School, and other outlets.  He maintains a steady roster of Ph.D. candidates and resident-trainees in his clinic, InhaleMD.

He is recipient of Clinician of the Year awards from Americans for Safe Access and the Marfan’s Society. He is an advisor to Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Alabama Medical Societies, and board member of Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation, and advisor to Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, and was awarded lifetime membership on the Hadassah Physician’s Council for his work in cannabinoid medicine.